Waylon Johnston reports:

Well-known personality and mother-of-two Nirvana Ciavola Azzopardi claimed in a judicial protest filed yesterday she was suffering from advanced cancer after being misdiagnosed by her consultant.

Nirvana, 39, claimed the change in her breasts developed into the “most aggressive form of breast cancer” as a direct result of the consultant’s negligence.

It has now progressed into stage four cancer, spreading through her lymph nodes and attacking her liver.

In the protest, Nirvana, who has two sons, aged four and nine, said that during her first visit to the consultant at the end of 2010, she was told that the change was “normal and acceptable” and the doctor used the words “100 per cent nothing” following a breast examination.

Following this appointment, the change in her breasts became more noticeable and in April 2011 she went back to the consultant to be re-examined.

The consultant suggested it would be sensible to undergo a mammogram to clarify the reasons for the change.

By doing this, the consultant in a tacit manner realised that her previous medical advice was “completely incorrect”, said Nirvana, a former television presenter and producer.

The consultant tried to remedy the situation, by which time it was too late, she added.

Despite being sent for a mammogram, which is not the best way to examine women under the age of 40, and after consulting another doctor, she was told to go to the Breast Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital.

Following the examinations at the hospital, which diagnosed her with “triple negative breast cancer”, it transpired that she had previously received incorrect medical advice, Nirvana said.

In a letter sent on December 5, 2011, the consultant had told Nirvana that she was not responsible for what had happened.

Nirvana held the consultant responsible for damages saying she reserved the right to seek further legal redress because of the doctor’s “abusive” behaviour.

Lawyers Adrian Delia and Kris Scicluna signed the protest.


66 thoughts on “[Nirvana Azzopardi] Personality claims cancer misdiagnosis

  1. You can still be cancer-free if you follow the Gerson therapy in mexico. Google Beata Bishop,ex BBC, who after surgery radio and chemo was told there was nothing more to do. She is still alive and TOTALLY cancer-FREE NOW AFTER SOME 40 YEARS. Will be praying for you.

  2. Every woman should know about this story to remember that doctors are also fallible, make mistakes or are simply negligent! This story is shocking and very upsetting. Women should follow their instincts and get second and third opinions.
    I don’t know Ms Azzopardi but I wish her all the best. She is young, beautiful and a mother!
    These misdiagnoses should not be happening in 2010!!!!!! We are advanced enough to carry out the necessary tests!!!!

    • my daughter died this year through negligence from doctors at mater dei , we are still waiting for an internal inquest to start as internal inquest are only done when the lawyer begs the ceo, and if somebody think there are only few simmilar cases you are really mistaken, a lot of people after a tragedy dont find the courage to talk or otherwise of a case i know where medical history files were burnt and this is almost 2013 and misdiagnosis unfortunately happen in all the world ,but from experience i never saw such arrogance like i saw from ceo s , goverment lawyers and doctors when from their medical file only it is a certain misdiagnosis and negligence. two consultants and several doctors agreed its 200 percent negligence and hospital CEO havent start internal inquest yet .Shame on them cause lawyers told me its the norm in malta but what do i care i want justice to be done so shameful mistakes wont happen again .thank you

  3. The same thing happened to my late father.The consultant kept prescribing pills and inhalers for a year until finally a second opinion from another doc confirmed lung cancer .

  4. pretty shocked about this mishap! it is scary…. however i believe that in my most humble opinion, I would rather spend my energies in trying to fight the disease rather then fighting in a court for what happened…

  5. i was diagnosed with breast cancer the same time as Nirvana, it’s too sad and there are no words to describe what Nirvana is going through, it just shouldn’t happen.. we will support her in any way possible to make all treatment in whichever country she needs it – and i’m sure the community chest fund will contribute towards her therapy.

  6. I totally agree wth you Andrew, this must be pursued through the court and justice must be sought for Nivanarna and her family but also for the poplulation of Malta.Even with the media attention this case will bring it will make women think twice and maybe seek a 2nd opinion where other wise they might not .

  7. correction::: to make all treatment available etc…. It’s a lesson to all women out there, if in doubt just go straight to a radiographer and put your minds at rest .

  8. same thing happened to my mother, when she saw a lump in her right thigh and consultant said it was just fatty tissue and had surgery with no MRI or CT scans, just to find out she had a rare form of sarcoma cancer…now she has to undergo treatment in UK for his stupid mistake…they get paid thousands and we have to suffer the consequences of their negligence….it’s time to start taking actions!!

  9. So sorry for Nirvana I know her personally since we were school mates and lived in the same village some long time ago!

  10. Unfortunately for SOME consultants we are just a number and not human beings. They should bear in mind that we are also mothers/sisters/daughters and we have the right to LIVE. The same happened to me when I was 30 years old and I had 2 kids (age 1 and 2). Not all consultants are the same some really helped me out and I will thank them all my life. I was told me I was too young to have breast cancer and it only happens to women mainly over 40. Today I am 40 years old and I had it TWICE.

  11. My father suffered a heart attack while we were on a break in gozo.. 30 mins later ambulance arrived and we were only 2 mins away from hospital. When we got to the emergency the entire unit was in the dark. A nurse led us into a cubicle, switched on lights and told us dr will be there soon. Unfortunately my dad suffered another heart attack and passed away BEFORE the dr came to see him. This was in 2004. He was 48. My dad could have been saved had the dr been awake to treat him. Disgraceful.

  12. My heart goes out to nirvana & her children. I’m left with no words to express my sorrow. This teaches us a lesson always to get a 2nd opinion from different doctors. And yes they should be penalized for such mistakes. It’s a human life that is suffering d consequences for their wrong doings.

  13. What’s more disturbing is the fact that this gynae is still practicing and Nirvana’s case was not the first case of misdiagnosis this so called professional made!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been banned from practising medicine from St Lukes (and now Mater Dei) for years yet she still practices in private clinics!!!!!! This makes me beyond angry!!!!!

      • Yes. She also misdiagnosed my aunt who passed away around 9 years ago!!!!
        I’d love to tell you because no one should suffer under her hands.. but I don’t think it’s appropriate here!

  14. I really do not know what is happening to this country. The maltese show great generosity when it comes to give money but they do not care a foot about the suffering that parents and relatives are suffering because of the negligence by a couple of doctors. Our grand daughter was only 17 full of health, never a day sick a lovely future waiting for her, than a couple of doctors, who are still practicing in Mater Dei just made a wrong diagonse and they sent her to heaven in four days. But who cares. Maybe all we get is that they are sorry, or what a shame, or what a tragedy. The think is that as long as it does not touch them nobody cares. All those politicans out there who cry crocodile tears when they want to get some votes for them, where are they to push these cases along so that justice will be done. That’s all we want justice so that we maybe can get a some peace.

  15. same happened to my brother . went to hospital a few weeks before he died with swollen and painful foot that is a very normal sign of trombosis and the doctor that saw him in mater dei told him that he has an infiammation of the nerv , now we have known that by that the feet shouldnt have been swollen and very painful . he was prescribed to take voltaren . on the 11 th december he woke up and fell on the floor dead in the bathroom at the age of 32 left behind him a child of 2 years ..the result of the autopsy resulted it was a trombosis from his leg that went up to his pulmon so he stopped taking breath . this is totally unfair , someone has to be responsible of all this .

    • Unfortunately doctors can make mistakes aswell..I guess one has to accept that they aren’t perfect and a mis-diagnoses is bound to happen one time or other even if it’s not fair and extremely sad……what is not appropriate though is the fact that doctors like Nirvana’s gynae continue to practice medicine after major incidents and mistakes they have done. If she was banned from hospital I would hope her licence would be taken away from her yet she still practices in a very well known private clinic where thousands use her services!!! THAT’s what’s so disgusting.

      • That’s exactly what we are asking. We are not going to bring our grand daughter back no matter how much we wish and money does not bring her back also. The doctors who mis-diagnosed our grand daughter are still in Mater Dei. It has been 6 months since she died and they have not started the internal inquiry yet. What if God forbidden someone in. your family or yourself need the emergency and you are visited by the same doctors. The symptims were all there staring at them, and they wrote them in their report. Still they send her home with paracetemols. They have done nothing. What’s that for disgusting. Somebody has to take responsibility, some laws have to be done to protect everybody from these people. These things are always hidden under the carpet and doctors always come out scout free. We do not want anybody to pass through what she has to pass through before she died and what we are passing since she left us.

        • Carmen my heart goes out to you, I know how much your grandaughter meant to you. It is all so sad..may God help you through this difficult time. God bless you x

  16. My dad had a very similar experience. 6 years ago he was diagnosed with dementia by 2 different ‘specialists’. I was not convinced with their results and I took the matter in my own hands, did some research and challenged the doctors and consultants with questions and facts.

    It resulted that it was not dementia but a brain tumor with just a couple of weeks to live. An urgent operation was required (9 hrs) to take it out.

    Thanks to god he is still with us.

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  18. I am so sorry for Nirvana, but at the same time I am not surprised for misdiagnosis.,My mother had a brain MRI, result normal, but as she was still suffering bad headaches we went to Germany, where the dr could not believe the results as he said that all the symptoms were there, the neurosurgeon agreed as he said that even from the way she was sitting he could confirm, and after having the tests again they were both right.

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  22. I get really upset and anxious with this evil disease. I.ve been seeing my family members having cancer, and I had my aunt, my cousin and also mum with breast cancer. It.s unbelievable. Dad also died of cancer. It is very often misdiagnose axnd then it can be too late. This is my nightmare.

    • @marisa Zammit. Despite your family history of cancer,there is much you can do to prevent it,especially if you are still young. If you want information ask andrew to give you (and nirvana) my email and feel free to contact me. As for nirvana,better to get to a gerson clinic in mexico. It may seem insensitive, but it isn’t under the circumstances, to say that,in my opinion,she has NO chance in malta. For all they have here is chemo and radio. If i were in her shoes i would have already been there,then fight for any possible rights when cured. You cannot argue from the grave.

  23. Can someone says the doctor’s name please? so in no case i won’t go to these doctors? thanks

  24. Go to dr mercola,then enter the word CANCER, IN THE RELEVANT SPACE FOR HIS OWN SEARCH-ENGINE. http://www.mercola.com http://www.cancer,we do not have a cure. – or do we?/mercola then lobby your mp’s like hell,like there was NO tomorrow. Indeed,there might NOT be for you,your children and grandchildren! Regarding so-called naming and shaming,be prudent and do not bay for blood. In america alone,one hundred thousand die every year from iatrogenic (doctor-induced) disease and their doctors were acting in good faith in these cases. As long as this doctor has not had his/her licence revoked,move with great care. All humans are prone to error and even repeatedly. Who knows how many wrong diagnoses cause death or contribute to it and about which we never find out,even worldwide,i mean!

  25. Same thing happened to me Nirvana and am so sorry to hear about your situation. Like you I have found myself told I have cancer when my gynaecologist did not bother to contact me for a whole year after a bad smear test result (which I did not receive) and this same gynae claimed (a year later) that she tried to contact me! At the time I received my result that I had cancer the gynaecologist was abroad and asked me to contact another gynaecologist in case I need help. When I did, the ‘recommended’ gynaecologist had to cheek to tell me: “There’s nothing you can do, just wait for your Doctor to get back!”

    I eventually contacted Comm George Buttigieg who had to face telling me I had cancer when I was never his patient. His great skill, lots of support from my family and friends as well as my work colleagues at the time helped me pull through and get cured.

    I admire that you are going through court, I just did not have the energy to do this. However, I am so very glad that you are pulling through and that you have sought alternative remedies to fight it!

  26. I Will say going vegan seems to be one of the best cures for cancer. heard so so many stories and done a lot of research. Some people say it is the cure and the only reason they wont let it out is due to money as usual, cause therapies cause so much money

  27. How do people know that the doctor was banned from practicing at St. Luke’s and Mater Dei? Was it reported in the papers? There are doctors who personally decide to work privately only and not because they were banned from practicing at the major hospital!

  28. I would like to say to Nirvana, that I went through the same situation 22 yrs ago. I’m thankful that I’m still here. What worked for me, besides the usual treatment of Chemotherapy etc. was that I focused on the positive side of things. One could have an accident and remains with a broken spine, unable to move, yet your brain is functioning.at least if we have a few more years in life (which is finite) we would be able to function. So try to be positive. Instead of being aggravated by going to court and fighting, which might lower your immune system. Good luck Nirvana.

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