I have been informed that in August of this year, this is what people were getting ‘thrown’ at them at the Hal-Far, so-called, ‘Open’ Center (Hangar).  [A small side note: This hangar does not provide electricity for the number of tents that occupy this massive hanger.  There is very little light, no fans, no heaters (in the winter) because some years  back the place caught fire and the people who are responsible are afraid to re-install electricity.  There is just one ‘electricity point’ at one end of the hanger where people can charge their mobiles].

Back to this flier.

This flier is representative of a society that has not come to terms with the great divide that there is between the ‘us’ and the ‘them’ – and the worst thing about all of this is that nothing is really being done to bridge this cultural and social gap.

As long as we do not have an invasion of boats, than we seem to be OK with our token charitable events and give-a-ways.  That is not enough, important definitely, but not enough.

What we need is a process of engagement.

We need communities to come together.  None of us need to change.  What we need to have is a community that gives the space for all and respects differences.  The challenge is in learning how to live together.  The challenge is in constructing a platform where ideas can converge, once again not to have  a melting pot effect, but to have an opportunity for ‘dialogue’.

But how will this happen?

Some ideas come to mind:

  • Improved media coverage;
  • Better social and public policy;
  • More financial and human resources funneled to AWAS and Detention Centers;
  • Regularized employment opportunities;
  • Active involvement of Local Councils and civil society;
  • An improved detention policy;
  • An NGO sector that is willing to work with the State and vice-versa;
  • More cultural mediation with children in schools.

Is this too much to ask for?  It sure doesn’t sound like rocket science to me!

I think irregular immigration (which is a reality we will keep facing ’till death do us part’) can either be seen simply as a social and economic burden or else try to capitalise on this tough experience and find the economic opportunities and the positives in the cross-fertilization of cultures.


14 thoughts on “The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is in Malta?

  1. I think you left the most important “idea” out – the language politicians use.

    There is a lot of misinformation on immigration – that migrants live on benefits and don’t pay taxes, that they are here illegally and worst of all – that refugees can sent back. They can’t. No political party is willing to do that and if they say so, they are lying (except for Lowell of course, but needless to say he’s never going to get a parliamentary majority).

    Why don’t politicians speak clearly? Why does, for example, the PL’s spokesperson on immigration Michael Falzon call them illegal immigrants? If he’s that misinformed why did they put him spokesperson on such a serious issue and not sport or whatever?


    • dont u think we need to change the curriculum. xenephobia is changing to islamophobia and the catholic religion is always in power. we need to teach the children about the other without denying our believes. where is the right of th chld for religious education?


      • Completely agree with you Gertrude – my daughter has been exposed to 4 different faiths and I am proud to say that I have given her the liberty to choose for herself and when she truly understands what she is doing. When she wanted to get baptised so she can do the ‘ Holy Communion’ with her friends, to be beautiful in a white dress and not to be left out, that to me was not a good enough reason !


  2. Just in case ma ndunajtux il poplu ma jridhomx. brainwashing fl iskejjel ma se jwassal imkien. l ingilterra ilha 50 sena bi brainwashing favur l immigranti illegali, izda iktar ma jghaddi zmien iktar il firda qed tikber. Posthom ghandu jkun go pajjizhom. Min irrid jitlaq jitlaq legalment u fejn immur irrid jimxi mall kulturi u regoli tal pajjiz


  3. Malcolm Seychell, what you call Brainwashing, I know it as Multiculturalism. Thanks to the so called Brainwashing, Canadian society is the better off. No wonder why The UN calls Canada and in the particular Toronto the melting Pot. People from all walks off life live, work and play together. The funny thing to you, and perhaps you will never understand, is that they don’t even know or think what divides them.


  4. We are a small country with limited resources first we have to take care of ourselves and charity begans at home with ourselves In life you have to be selfish to survive,what if we were the imigrants ?do you think the africans would accept us with open arms? I dont think so probabbly they will kill us before we even land .Even here they are agressive with the hand that feed them .they just want to come here and inpose there values and there religion. no way can you go in a Muslim society and let you freely practice your religion and your values.There is only one way that we can be friends with this people just being neighbours not by living in the same house so the Maltese has a right to send the message (Africans you are not welcome here)


    • And how the hell my I ask are they imposing their religion ? I am married to a Muslim & I was never asked to turn myself into being a Muslim…
      Only around half of the immigrants are MUslims…..secondly, go to Africa & you ‘ll see how they ‘ll welcome you with open arms. and you say they are aggressive? Please enlighten me because I have never come across an agressive immigrant- Maybe it’s the way you approach them- something to do with your people approach skills!


      • so at least you are married to a good muslim which means he ignores sharia law, that you are a second class citizen because you are a women, hopefully he won’t impose his religion on his children etc etc.


        • Malcolm
          – You must be a ‘good’ Christian because you ignore the basic law of Christianity which is love your neighbour as yourself
          – Are you sating that Maltese do not impose their religion on their children? Baptism within the first year is not imposing???? Are you telling me that children know what they are doing at that age?


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