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Two contrasting views I got on Karmenu Vella who was my guest during the Radio Show ‘Ghandi x’ Nghid’:

PN struggling with the MLP’s ‘progressive’ ‘policies’??? What policies exactly?? The MLP has no policies but hot air! They are such a joke.


 Henry Mifsud

Karmenu is a seasoned politician who was always considered to be a progressive moderate. He is one of those who really delivers and the few months he headed the Ministry of Tourism, he spearheaded the MTA to start thinking strategically. Ask the operators and they’ll tell you that the Minister who understood their sector most was Karmenu. He understood Malta’s needs and whilst empathizing with the operators, he never gave them a carte blanche as is the case at the moment. Government lost complete control of the MTA as it’s strategy is being dictated by the MHRA, which ensured not only to make its voice heard but also planted its own people on the MTA board and placed its own man at the helm in the CEO’s seat. How can MTA ever looks at what is best for Malta? Its strategy is purely based on the numbers game. The only yardstick being used is how many tourists are coming to Malta irrespective of the number of nights they spend here and how much they spend per capita. Quantity is taking precedent to quality. The ultimate objective is the filling of beds; nothing else. And if that is not enough, MHRA also took complete control of ITS and took it back to the 70′s by placing more accent on the catering side of things rather than moving in the direction and momentum which it had embarked on in recent years in becoming a holistic educational institution focusing on Hospitality and Tourism whilst following closely the Bologna Process. This would never have happened in Karmenu’s time! And now, whilst being assigned the very delicate task by Dr. Muscat, Karmenu is continuing to show that he is the man on the ball. Of course the PN apologists would try their best to discredit him as he is proving to be a sharp thorn at their side. Don’t they realize that the GonziPN they are trying to defend, has so much dried up of ideas that it had to resort to copy Labour’s slogan of “Ghaqal” for this year’s budget.
Quo Vadis GonziPN indeed!


3 thoughts on “Two contrasting views on Karmenu Vella

  1. Henry Mifsud obviously didn’t read or listen to the recent budget speech. Tourist bed nights and expenditure are not only an integral part of Government’s measurement but also the most important trends used in budget forecasting.

    FACTS (not HOT AIR):-

    Total tourist expenditure
    2009: Eur 751,009,000
    2010: Eur 916,100,000
    2011: Eur 997,789,000

    A 33% increase on 2009 figures
    A 9% increase on 2010 figures

    Expenditure per capita (tourist)

    2009: Eur 802
    2010: Eur 867
    2011: Eur 886


    2009: 8,031,325
    2010: 9,015,354
    2011: 9,351,857


    2009: 935,885
    2010: 1,056,876
    2011: 1,126,543


  2. Il-fatti jitkellmu wahedhom. I am surprised with Henry Mifsud’s biography of Karmenu Vella. He is obviously a big fan. However, I ask a simple question. If, as stated, the PN is dried up of ideas (and here I beg to differ), then what is the PL offering other than 51 sentences that were hurriedly put together in an effort to demonstrate some sort of forward thinking ideology. The 51 statements (that is all they are) have not stood up to scrutiny. They have been shown for what they are – thoughts which have no meat.

    If Karmenu Vella is as good as Mr Mifsud is intimating then is this the best he could do after many months of cogitation? I mean really?

    The sad fact is that PN have time and again stolen the march on the PL simply because they are smarter than the PL and have shown consistently how capable they are of running the country effectively even in times of crisis. On the other hand we have a PL that has no idea what it will do when it gets into power (which it likely will) and they will turn to the Karmenu Vella’s for inspiration – how old is he? And the best he could do is 51 thoughts after many months!

    As for Karmenu Vella’s results in tourism the facts speak for themselves – he may have been better than his predecessor but Mario Demarco has done a remarkable job – and this is borne out by ALL figures.


  3. In 25 years keep not getting it. The MLP have not learnt the lesson, They fall into the trap of preaching only to their grass roots to whom they can easily feed all the stupidities in the world. They will realize again that the world also includes floating voters.


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