Short and sweet.

Can I gently ask you  to have a look at this photo:

Now read on and decide for yourselves:

If we are not going to take what happened to Kurt seriously than we might as well dump ourselves in a bin.

  • Who is the idiot that assumed this accident could never happen?
  • Who is responsible for health and safety at the Cirkewwa and Mgarr Terminals?

I recommend the resignation of the following:

  • Minister Tonio Fenech;
  • All the previous Ministers who were responsible for Gozo Channel, if they still occupy a public office;
  • The Chairman and Board of the Gozo Channel;
  • Staff of Gozo Channel who did not have a clue what to do as they saw the car rolling into the sea and all they were able to do was wait for 30 minutes for the Civil Protection to arrive!

I know this is far-fetched and will never happen – but if people really have a sense of decency they need to hang up their boots. Yes this accident could have been avoided with a few hundred euros worth of barricades.

Oh sure, we had a nice funeral and now what? 

I think the family should take the Government to Court and those responsible to task. 

I find myself increasingly uncomfortable in this Country of ‘shadows’ where nobody seems to be responsible for anything.

The truth of the matter is that Kurt will be mixing no music anymore.


5 thoughts on “After Kurt’s death – who is going to resign?

  1. Well said Andrew dawk tajbin biss biex iwahluwulek biss, specjalment meta tghamel is sew u hafna, hemm ijwa.

    Ghal lahares ikollok int xi haga hazina mhix F’posta ghal health and safety, ghaz jghalquk, umbad qrati umbghad alla jaf meta jhalluk ghal kwiet specjalment pcicen bhal dawn in nies bla ruh.

    Povra ommu u missieru mur sabharhom. mewta ta wield ma geraha qatt, imma mbasta kollhom pozi hemm jiehdu L-ewwel.


  2. Andrew din mewta diżgustanti u evitabilissima!!! Nispera li l-familja ta’ dan iż-żagħzugħ se jfittxu lill-awtoritajiet għad-danni. Issa tara kemm se jirreżenjaw ministri u kapijiet ta’ awtoritajiet. Dal-pajjiż mhux jghajjik imma jiddisgużtak!!


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