I don’t want to labor too much on this issue but I’m really curious whether the ‘media’ had permission to go around the Churches ‘hosting’ the funerals filming people as if they had a God damn right to x-tra(y)ct the emotions on film and picture of people who were there trying to make heads or tails on how they are going to cope with their loss. 

Who gave them (media) permission, assuming they asked for it?

Did the Church authorities lay out any perimeters, on how it had to be done, ’cause all I saw was havoc and media people squeezing themselves for the best view possible? 

This is really neat.  For any other function taking place in the Church people are asked politely and decisively not to go about  taking photos and videos ’cause it disturbs the funzjoni (and I agree it is a justifiable reason even though some commercial interests come into it as well :)). But, when it cames to these funerals it’s OK to have a media circus with journalists and TV crews literally juggling their machines, twisting the cameras, stepping on chairs and people to get the best picture that shows the most intense feelings of pain possible…..

Why should I bother?  I suppose decency is secondary to everything else on this little Island  of ours, that ranks first in idiosyncratic behaviour.  Respect, privacy, bereavement, pain etc etc etc kollox down the drain. 

Oh sure, the next thing we will get is that it’s in the public interest to see how many tears were shed – oh give me a flipin break!


2 thoughts on “Gera-Zammit funerals and TV crews…

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