‘Ghandi x’ Nghid’ (RADJU MALTA – 93.7FM) @ 9.05am | Guest Line Up/Theme

STREAMING:   https://andrewazzopardi.org/ghandi-x-nghid-radio-show/

THEME: Mental health


  • Dr Anton Grech,Chairman, Department of Psychiatry
  • Dr John Cachia, Commissioner (Designate) for Mental Health



Programme Streamed & On Demandhttps://andrewazzopardi.org/

fejn isiru l-mistoqsijiet id-difficli  – frequency: 93.7FM


2 thoughts on “RADJU MALTA – ‘Ghandi x’ Nghid’ | DATE: 18th February 2012 – Theme: Mental Health

  1. I think work-life balance is one of the major contributors that cause problems of Mental health. Today people are finding it more and more difficult to disconnect from their work and to relax properly. I think that society should start taking the work-life balance situation more seriously.


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