This is a comment I got from OL  following my piece; Dizabilita’: Fiex wasalna f’ dan is-settur?

don’t get me started…. 😦 I don’t want KNPD tassumi rwol ta leadership. Hell no !

When I wrote to them on a very serious matter (asking for advice/help)…. 100 times more serious than “wheelchair access” which seems to be the be-all and end-all, they didn’t even reply. Then i called to ask if they had received my letter… they had ! He was pretty curt…. said that I should write to the minister concerned and give them a copy!! what a joke ! i am very much capable of writing a letter to the minister…. and if i had, i wouldn’t bother sending KNPD a copy. I wrote to them because they are supposed to be representing and helping disabled people…. and acting on their behalf.

8 thoughts on “Does the National Commission Persons with Disability represent all disabled people and their families?

  1. I think it’s high-time for Malta to do a complete overhaul of policies centering on inclusion of various minority groups, particularly people with disabilities. Whilst acknowledging KNPD’s efforts, I believe it is time to revise its underlying philosophy. Physical access should not be an end in itself. Moreover, I believe that much more serious effort should be made to empower people with disabilities through participation. Only this way would ensure active citizenship among this minority group. After all, people with disabilities are human beings like any other human being: They have the right like any other person to develop his or her skills and abilities to live a fulfilling, productive and dignified life …..

    What’s the current state of affairs in this country? Attitudes is a very good indicator. In the 21st century, perception people with disabilities as “inferior” – which is a mistaken belief – is still apparent. Sadly, these kinds of attitudes are apparent not only amongst ordinary citizens but even those amongst the many and varied professions, though one must be careful as not generalise. Negative attitudes towards people with disabilities leads to phenomenons such as patronisation, and avoidance and rejection. Ultimately, this would lead to resentment and anger, and a bleak quality of life (for the persons with disabilities.

    Negative attitudes implies detriment of the physical, social and psychological well-beings for people with disabilities. In other words, negative attitudes ultimately spell disadvantage. Politicians in particular cannot be excused for sitting on their hands with a sense of “I don’t care” attitude….They are there to SERVE the popolus, not the other way round! Therefore, much more serious policy-making efforts must be made to address the issue, It must be acknowledged that social change – inspired by such policies – would take time to yield the desired results, but we have to start from somewhere! Social policies – guided by the core principles of active citizenship – should be reflected in various aspects, which include but not limited to education and training, employment, transport, physical and informational accessibility. Most importantly, the notion of disability as “non-tragedy” must be emphasized: Being affected with one form of a disability does not mean the end of the world. One can still make the most out of life, and can even make valid contributions to those around that person, or even to society in general.


  2. @Michael…. yes indeed. BUT THE OPPOSITE ALSO APPLIES EH ! 🙂

    maybe because I am related and in close, every-day, contact with a person who is physically disabled…. (completely paralysed from neck downwards)… but i see waaaaaay BEYOND the disability. in fact…. i don’t see the disability at all most of the times…
    People with disabilities can be assholes just as much as you or I !!!…. There are people with disabilities who feel that the world owes them …. like it’s MY fault or YOUR fault.. that he or she is in a wheelchair. We bend over backwards to accommodate but ultimately, we cannot flatten a mountain because they can’t climb it hux ? After all the same applies to me. I can walk but I can’t climb either. We do our level best YES…. but for the love of God… let’s be practical too.
    I can understand the “anger” after centuries of being “discarded”. But we ALL have our limitations and some of us have been dealt a raw deal. that’s life.

    Of course, I’m all for inclusion when this is possible…. For me, a person in wheelchair… is a person. I don’t see the wheelchair. Can he do this job or not…. if yes.. and he’s the better person for it… he gets the job. What i don’t like, is the mentality that we have to walk on eggshells around disabled people…. let’s not insult their intelligence pls.

    My bone of contention is that these organisations are seemingly all about “able” disabled people. i.e. ones that can talk and are mobile… albeit on wheels. We have completely… but completely and utterly overlooked those sorry few individuals whose physical disability is so bad that they are institutionalised. They get good “nursing” care. They are cleaned and fed. punto e basta. BUT………. NO physio, nO social worker, NO support workers, NOBODY (professional) turns up to ask… Kif int sejjer bestja.

    Why does one have to air their laundry on television to get something done. 😦


    • Odette, I agree with you that many of disabled individuals feel like the world owes them something back but can never agree with you that a disabled person can never break the limits of life. In that case if you still believe that I think you are shut down in your own 4 walls. Still my comments does not merit the disabled people since I as a disabled person who uses crutches to walk on have been trained mentally by my parents that nothing is impossible and I came to do everything in my life from climbing trees, to hills (someday I wish I can do a mountain), swimming, diving yes and even breakdancing also played football. The mentality needs to change from both sides the people which does not have a kind disability they need to start thinking that the person in front of them is able to do it and the disabled individuals needs to be trained to start believing in themselves. This will take time but it will work out for sure. We need to scrap the Miskin mentality and the disabled individual need to start thinking more positive about his life. What the hell God gave you life that is so great don’t waste your life moaning about your disability. Use your disability to spread a message, live your life you are no debt to the world. Kill the begging mentality we are still kids of this world, we are still youths and we are the future as any other child and youth. So yes it has to be done from both sides. After all inclusion is not just a word its just a helping hand from the disabled society and the “normal” society bringing them to ONE society. WITH THE HELP OF BOTH.


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  4. @ Jim… i TOTALLY agree with you. You’re a proper ambassador for disabled people. The example I gave was not clear perhaps… but we’re saying the same thing; we’re on the same page.

    But again… there are disabled people out there who cannot move at all from neck downwards… and some of these that cannot speak !…. and NOTHING…. NOTHING… is done to help them. Apart from the basic nursing care (and this does not even include vital physiotherapy), they are totally forgotten.


    • It looks great that we are on the same Page then 🙂

      We need to stay positive Odette and look to the bright future ahead of us. I am sure that my/our mission will succeed and we will be able to get these people be able to live there lives in the best way they could. This is a forgotten subject in Malta as everybody thinks that Disabled people are good with mobility issues and benefits. But there are many point that are forgotten which Andrew has mentioned. We need to work and get this to the National Agenda because it is so delicate that the majority of the people does not know it. They don’t know that a paralyzed person have a mind to think and sometimes feels lonely and he also needs things which will help him be motivated although his/her hard condition. We need trainees to help in getting people with disability to understand there disability, accept it and think positive. This can be done, but we need help and dedicated people to do it. And yes they are forgotten but not at all they has us to fight for their rights and that is why me, you and others are talking to get this agenda working and filled up with new and reasonable ideas.


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