Guest Line Up/Theme (93.7FM)


ON DEMAND:   https://andrewazzopardi.org/ghandi-x-nghid-radio-show/

 9.05 am: Il-leġistlazzjoni anti-Diskriminatorja

  • Dr Romina Bartolo, NCPE
  • Dr Ann Marie Callus, KNPD
  • Dr Therese Comodini Cachia, Avukat

Links Telefonici:

  • Ministru Chris Said,
  • Hon. Dr Justyne Caruana,
  • Angele Deguara, AD 
  • Gabi Calleja, MGRM

 10.05 am: TEMA: Is-socjeta’ u l-arti

  • Professur Oliver Friggieri


Programme Streamed & On Demandhttps://andrewazzopardi.org/

fejn isiru l-mistoqsijiet id-difficli  – frequency: 93.7FM



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