Guest Line Up/Theme (93.7FM)

ON DEMAND:   https://andrewazzopardi.org/ghandi-x-nghid-radio-show/



9.05 am: Opening of shops on Sundays/Public Holidays

Guest line-up:

  • Gejtu Vella, ex-trejdjunjonista
  • Alfred Fenech, GRTU
  • Benny Borg Bonello, President, Consumer Association

Telephone Links:

  • Fr William Bartolo, President, Pastoral activities among workers, Curia
  • Victor Carachi, President, GWU
  • Aleks Farrugia, Editor, it-Torca
  • Josef Vella, Secretary General, UHM

10.05am: IVF

Guest line-up:

  • Rev. Dr Ray Zammit, UoM
  • Profs Pierre Mallia, President, Health Ethics Committee
  • Dr Michael Asciak, Chairman, Bioethics Committee

Telephone Links:

  • Dr Jean Pierre Farrugia MP, Chaired, Parliamentary Committee on IVF
  • Dr Miriam Sciberras, President, Professionals Against Embryo Freezing


  • Parent of 2 ‘IVF children’
  • Gynecologist who does IVF procedure


PROGRAMME STREAMED & ON DEMAND:  https://andrewazzopardi.org/

fejn isiru l-mistoqsijiet id-difficli – frequency: 93.7FM

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