Daphne Caruana Galizia (CLICK HERE)

I am told by the director of the women’s shelter, Dar Merhba Bik, that they are in “dire need of baby food, baby milk and nappies”.

Will readers of this website please help out by buying some or all of these things (and once you’re at it, do please ask the pharmacy or supermarket for a whole box and not just a few tins and jars or a single pack of nappies; it won’t break the bank).

You can drop them off at the shelter at 130 Birbal Street, Balzan at any time of the day or night, because staff are on duty round the clock. This is that stretch of street when you leave Valley Road in Birkirkara and head to San Anton garden. In that direction, it’s on the right – a smallish, inconspicuous door with a heavy metal portcullis.

If you find it easier to donate money than to make purchases and deliver them, please make out your cheque to Dar Merhba Bik and send it to the same address, postcode BZN 9014. The shelter’s administrators tell me that they do not like to have deposits made directly into their bank account, because it leaves them unable to thank donors due to the anonymity.

If you wish to ring to find out more about how you can help, the number is 21 440 035.

Another way of helping out is by circulating word of this appeal through Facebook and email. Thank you.

If importers and distributors of baby food, baby milk and nappies are reading this, will they please do the necessary.


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