maltatoday.com.mt report yesterday’s meeting at the Granaries in this way;

“Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi tells party faithful that as long as his government enjoyed the confidence of parliament, he intends to stay on until the end of the legislature.”

Am I missing something here?

With Hon. JPO declaring that he is an independent MP, Hon. Jesmond Mugliette floating around like a butterfly and it’s open war with Hon. Franco Debono – does the PM still doubt whether he ‘enjoys the confidence of parliament’?

With this reasoning it’s election tomorrow or else it really sounds like a Kubler Ross stage one the PM is doing!


4 thoughts on “Election will be announced tomorrow!

  1. Knowing the dictatorship qualities of Gonzi, and whoever is behind him, he will drag on as a caretaker govenrment till the end, so he will show the he, has conquered Franco.


  2. I have tried to access your website, but my Firefox browser is telling me that it is dangerous to enter. Is your website being hacked ???


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