tvm.com.mt reports:

The Labour Party is holding an urgent meeting this evening for its executive members
Unconfirmed reports say that deputy Leader Dr Anglu Farrugia has resigned and that his resignation was accepted.
His resignation might be linked to a specific comment made on TVM related to the alleged vote rigging issue he had raised after the 2008 general election.
The Labour Party is to hold a news conference later on this evening.


One thought on “PL deputy leader to resign – tvm.com.mt

  1. Xi hadd jemmen li keccewh ghax qal xi diskors NHAR IL-HADD? Hadd ma naf li irrejagixxa minn dak in-nhar fuq id-diskors ta’ Anglu, u Alla jbierek irejagixxa Muscat !!! Halluna!!! Kieku kien jitkecca l-ghada mhux wara 4 t’ijiem!!! Imma strategija tiehu z-zmien sakemm titfassal. Tghid ghamlu xi survery wara Xarabank tas-Sibt u hadu xi qatgha??? HAWWADNNI HA NIFHEM….U DAN MILL-OPPOZIZZJONI !!!


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