These local council elections are a massive opportunity for Local Councils to recognize the important role that young people can play in the design and development of the community.

This is such an important milestone for young people and I am so happy to be around to see 16 and 17 year old young people involved in the ballot for the first time.

It is terribly unfortunate that I cannot say the same about the Referendum.  I still believe that we could have found a solution if we really wanted to.

Notwithstanding, I still think that the fact that young people can vote in the Local Council elections has clocked an important moment, a crucial step in giving more space in our communities to this generation.

I believe that this new step in our political scenario is something we need to be proud of and celebrate.  My gratitude is directed to all the three political parties who have believed in this cause and have championed the idea.

However I still reiterate that if  we really want to make a change and capitalize on this momentum we need to build on this first step and quickly.

We  need to have young people vote and contest elections, not only at local council level but also in the General Election and European Parliament ballot.

‘Politics’ is a central issue in our lives and more so in the lives of young people.

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