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Individual 1: Hello…
TOM: Hello… is there someone who speaks English?
Individual 1: Hello, hello… OK, OK
Individual 2: Hello
TOM: Hello, hi, do you speak English?
Individual 2: Ya… I speak English ya.
TOM: I am told that you are on a boat right now and you are trying to reach Europe.
Individual 2: Aah, but I don’t know … [inaudible]

TOM: How many people are on board?
Individual 2: We are 620 people…
TOM: What nationalities are you?
Individual 2: We are from Eritrea. Most of us are Eritreans, some of them are Somalis and very few are Ethiopian…

TOM: Is the boat working or are you in trouble?
Individual 2: Yes we are travelling.
TOM: You are travelling…
Individual 2: Ya, but… [inaudible] …was mixing oil with water, is travelling… slowly and suddenly the engine stopped, completely stopped.
TOM: So your engine isn’t working.
Individual 2: It is working but almost… [inaudible]…
TOM: You’re taking in water… right now.
Individual 2: Yes.

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