A candle walk was held this evening between Pembroke and Sliema, passing through St Julian’s to commemorate the death of more than 800 migrants in the seas off Libya last Sunday.

The walk started from near the ITS in Pembroke, with many others joining in near the Love Monument in Spinola Bay, St Julian’s.

At Exiles, candles were placed to form the slogan “All Lives Matter”.Tifla-mgharrqa

Some 1,000 people took part, including President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici and Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.

Speaking at the event, President Coleiro Preca said if there is peace there will not be tragedies such as the one we had this weekend. It was not my choice to be born here where there is stability so I cannot turn my back to these people.

Dr Busuttil said it was unacceptable to see tragedies in which people died. These tragedies had to stop once and for all and the Mediterranean sea should not become a cemetery.

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