Cara Borg Aquilina Author

Long ago, in the 19th century, legend has it that all the spirits from England united and inaugurated a Haunted House. Black Swan was the leader as she was, and still is, the most high-powered and superior ghost ever known. Legend has it that when she was younger, she unexpectedly died in front of a mirror. She was a gorgeous girl with a delightful personality. When she had died her spirit was captured in the mirror. After then she turned hideous and immoral. She would scare the living daylights out of anyone. The haunted mirror was passed on from one generation to another until it was found in this house. In this Haunted House,there lived three other spirits which are known as Bleak Twist, TV Haunter and Black Swan’s assistant,Cackles. These ghosts have different jobs.

Every Halloween, a new family moves in. Unfortunately, these families don’t stay for long as they are sent away very quickly.

On the 31st October, the Williams family moved in. The family consists of two children, Anna and Ben and their parents. But,will the family still consist of these four members?

It was freezing cold and the wind whistled and howled all day. On the day the family moved in, the children had decided not to celebrate Halloween and their parents did not go to work.

Better luck for the spirits!!!!!

The mother had planned to cook a marvelous and delicious dinner but couldn’t find the knife. She searched everywhere but when she was about to open the last cupboard, Bleak Twist stabbed her right in the back.

The woman vanished out of sight.

There were only three more members of the family to go. Bleak Twist’s job was complete.

As usual, the father watched his favorite program before supper. He was watching a documentary but heard spooky noises. They were so strange. Suddenly the television switched off. It was so peculiar.

“All this humidity is making the television faulty!” sighed the father.”Let me go check what’s wrong!”

Suddenly the television sucked the innocent father.

When the children went down to eat supper, they realized that their parents went missing. The two were terribly worried and petrified. They suspected that the house was haunted. It was getting late and the children were getting tired but this didn’t stop them from preparing themselves for the worst case scenario. They set up traps and were equipped with all sorts of weapons. After they were armed with weapons, they made a decision to slumber.

The next day, Ben found and odd map placed on his bedside table. Who had put it there? Ben and Anna had followed the trail that led them to the attic. Black Swan and the three other ghosts were spotted by Anna. Her heart pounded as the lightning and thunder struck. She was terrified.

All hope of humanity relied on the children. Weapons were prepared and the battle commenced!!! 

Anna pounced on Bleak Twist and she disappeared. Ben acted in a mutual way and managed to choke the TV Haunter. Although the children were frightened, Anna and Ben tried to jump on Black Swan but she slammed them against the wall.

With slow but powerful movement, Black Swan walked towards the boy, cornered him, and started to strangle him. When Anna noticed that the ghost was distracted, the girl took the opportunity and stabbed the monster with her useful pocket knife. With the death of the superior ghost all the ghost vanished into disappearance.

Bloody Mary vanished into existence and became of ashes. Amongst ashes, the youngsters perceived a code which stated;

         Trees whisper and groan

         Moonlight casts a ghostly glow

         It’s scary, it’s spooky

         It’s frightful, not brighful

         It’s fearful

         And crawling closer to your bed


         It has slime, colour red

         Never close your eyes

         Never sleep


         When the day comes

         You’ll know what I mean

They typed this code in an old computer and suddenly their parents were raised to life. After the unforgettable experience, flowers bloomed and birds sang joyfully. The Williams family’s positive energy increased as they were reunited as a family once again.


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