Ghandi xi Nghid

11720546_10207313338854427_1051327240_n Cara Borg Aquilina Author

Long ago, in the 19th century, legend has it that all the spirits from England united and inaugurated a Haunted House. Black Swan was the leader as she was, and still is, the most high-powered and superior ghost ever known. Legend has it that when she was younger, she unexpectedly died in front of a mirror. She was a gorgeous girl with a delightful personality. When she had died her spirit was captured in the mirror. After then she turned hideous and immoral. She would scare the living daylights out of anyone. The haunted mirror was passed on from one generation to another until it was found in this house. In this Haunted House,there lived three other spirits which are known as Bleak Twist, TV Haunter and Black Swan’s assistant,Cackles. These ghosts have different jobs.

Every Halloween, a new family moves in. Unfortunately, these families don’t…

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