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11 thoughts on “Contact Details

  1. As a disabled person planning a holiday in Malta I thought it would be a good idea to hire a car to help me get around the islands as I cannot walk very far.
    The type of car would have to have special hand control adaptation fitted to an automatic car.

    This was not going to be as easy as thought it would be!

    I approached the leading car hire companies such as Europcar/Avis/Hertz and many smaller companies in Malta not one of them was able to help me in my search to locate such a car.
    Europcar say they can provide such a car but not in Malta..
    So no disabled people visit Malta then !!!!!!

    Could any one tell me if Malta has this facility available for its own Disabled citizens to be
    more mobile and independent.
    I know that there are many Disability aids available to hire such as scooters/wheelchairs and so on, but alas no car hire as far as I told.

    In the UK we have many companies that have special hand control adaptation cars available to hire for the disabled plus a Motability scheme.

    Now that Malta is in the EU do you think that such a scheme would be available to its own citizens in time to come.


  2. Andrew I would like to let you know that you have read my mind in most aspects that you mentioned on the Torca’s article. I am a disabled person as well which I don’t really see my self as a disabled because every second of my life I always win over my disability and show my ability. My goal is to emphasize more on the things you mentioned mainly in the inclussion and equility which in Malta is just promoted and no real action is being taken. Apart from that we have to totally remove the concept of making the disabled bag for funds. Thank you for being another person who have spoken towards this cause.


    • The issue of suitable car rentals and other related isues for tourists with a disability interested in visiting malta. I know of a local company TDP that can rent a wheelchair accessable vehicle (WAV). This invaluable info should be compiled in websites addressed for such holiday seekers.
      llocal tourist authorities should takes such maters seriously.
      Is anyone aware that low cost airlines do not allow more than three passengers with impairments on their flights? This shows that having a national airline is vital for a contrysuch as Malta.


  3. Jien lil Peppi Azzoppardi saqsejtu 20 darba fuq FB. Int kellek jew ma kellekx theddid mill-gvern? Iva jew le? QATT ma wegibni. Tghid ghala?


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