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Palm Phone Review

The Palm Phone is a solution to a issue that is contemporary. It tries to answer the telephone to minimise by simply providing us an extra gadget time we spend. If you think that sounds like it may unnecessarily complicate matters as opposed to simplify themthen you would be right. But there it is really tiny. To get a cost of 350 upfront, or from #31 a month on contract with Vodafone (not inconsiderable for what’s assumed to become a secondary device), the notion is to supply the performance of a smartphone using the ease of a smartwatch. That is almost word for word that the lineup offered by Vodafone, that’s the Palm Phone supplier here in the united kingdom for the first half of 2019. Additionally, this very small handset provides a much-simplified spin on Android. This is meant to provide a calling and messaging experience for all those events to you.

Palm Phone Review
Palm Phone Review

So yes, the Palm Phone’s defining feature is it is little. We are not talking little in today’s smartphone circumstance, where anything using a sub-5.5-inch screen is deemed petite. However, jeans pocket, dropped the back of the couch down little. The blurb asserts that it is”as little as your charge card,” that is accurate to a certain degree. In 96.5 x 50.5mm, it’s indeed conceivable that you can momentarily shed it behind a shop card or train ticket. Held side-by-side, but it is equally as thick as some other normal smartphone. In 10mm, in reality it is a little thicker than you may be accustomed to. Not that this introduces any portability issues. The Palm Phone’s curved, clearly iPhone-esque form and weight of merely 62.5gram make sure that it slips easily into and out of the smallest pockets.

One reason that the phone may be so mild, apart from its compact measurements, is that its body is formed of plastic instead of aluminium. Its glass rear and front means it does not feel cheap. Nevertheless, the imitation rim calls to mind one of numerous generic sub-. More consequential compared to Palm Phone’s lack of a 3.5millimeter jack (USB-C function as only external interface ) is the total omission of a physical quantity controller. There is a power button to the ideal hand border, and that is it. If you would like to correct the phone’s volume, then you are going to need to pull the telling menu inside the OS. This turns out to be a small pain if you’re listening to songs along with your cans do not have an independent volume control on these. On the plus side, the Palm Phone does sporting a IP68 dust- and – water-resistant score. Given that this will be as soon as you’re doing something energetic, the type of phone you will take out with you, it is a wise addition.


The Palm Phone’s diminutive dimensions definitely have a significant influence on the amount of elements, not its screen. In 3.3 inches, this really is the smallest smartphone display on the market. The very first iPhone, way back in 2007, packed with a 3.5-inch display – which can be favorably roomy by comparison. This much-reduced display region has a distinctively polarizing impact on regular apps like Gmail and Chrome. Let us use Gmail for instance here. You receive real usage’s yield, which means that you are able to browse and write emails together with the thumb of the hand holding your telephone. There is digit gymnastics that are double-jointed or no extending .

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