TicWatch E2 Review

Mobvoi is back with sequels to TicWatch E and its TicWatch S – 2 crowdfunded Wear smartwatches which was able to reach at a cost point that is very low. More launch two versions, the TicWatch E2 is the follow up to the less E. But beyond this S2’s ruggedness along with some layout gaps, there is not a great deal of difference between them both. Both versions pack at specs and precisely the performance, and a swim-friendly water-resistant’s accession construct and longer battery life. The TicWatch E2 is made a possibility for anybody by all this for $ 144.

TicWatch E2 Review
TicWatch E2 Review

TicWatch E2 – Layout

The TicWatch E2 will appeal to anyone who enjoys a watch having a face that is major. At 46.9mm it is definitely on the bigger side, but that is to adapt the 1.39-inch screen. The plan is not radically different from the TicWatch E although one major change is that the button has transferred from the left of the screen to the correct, which is much more regular for smartwatches (along with my taste ). The bezel around the screen includes a effect for it. I prefer the look of this TicWatch E although it is subjective. The TicWatch E2 is a watch. The watch casing managed a awkward knocks from surfaces and is made. I surfaced the TicWatch E2 to locate it weighs while I could not locate an official burden. Therefore, it is pretty comfy.

It is a monster of a smartwatch. I will be the first to mention I have wrists but I prefer watches that are large. The TicWatch E2 is thick. In 12.9mm, I find myself unable to switch my shirt cuffs about it, and it has caught on my coat frequently. Its dimensions may mean getting to the watch to observe an notification could be debatable. If you’ve got wrists and clothing, your experience may differ. The TicWatch E2 is the identical depth as the Samsung Gear S3, which I found too large (but most readers didn’t ). The TicWatch E2 is to 50 or 5ATM yards. That means it is safe surf and to swim , in least, take with no worries from the shower.

The watch takes straps that are regular, which means in the event that you would like to bring a little bit of flair that is personal, you are free to swap out the silicone number. Bars are used by it . Though the TicWatch E2 is not the’sporty’ version, the silicone strap that is added is good for exercise. It copes with moisture and perspiration and it’s a wonderful quantity of stretch. There are.


The completely circular 1.39-inch AMOLED screen has a 400 x 400 resolution which leaves one with few complaints – particularly for this money. There are more costly Wear OS smartwatches with lower resolution displays. Itis bright and sharp, which means that I did not have any problems reading the screen. There is also a screen once the screen is not being used providing advice. My wrist functioned more frequently than using the TicWatch S I discovered the aftermath gesture.

With all the touchscreen a good deal, you will be interacting with no more than 1 hardware button. This includes a few issues among which will be the headline attributes of the TicWatch E2 – its own swim-proofing, in some specific situations. Having palms and a display, the responsiveness of the touchscreen goes. It is here a few buttons or a bezel may have been helpful.

TicWatch E2 – attributes and Software

In regards to Wear OS smartwatches the TicWatch E2 is. There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chips indoors, along with 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. That is identical to the majority of Wear OS smartwatches in the previous calendar year. For the money it is understandable, although it a shame Mobvoi had not waited a while to release the TicWatch E2 using a Snapdragon 3100 SoC. It is a step up in the MediaTek chip located inside the TicWatch E.