ToonMe Cartoonizer App To Turn You into Art

Do you enjoy tinkering with your images but are weary of using the same old photo editing apps? Here’s something that will keep you entertained for hours: iPhone apps that transform your images into cartoons! They are enjoyable to play with and have a high artistic quotient.
ToonMe - cartoons from photos

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You can experiment with several custom filters, colours, and artistic styles to find which one best suits the shot. In this article, you’ll learn about the top ten iPhone picture sketching applications for drawing your own cartoons. Let’s get this party started!

You’re in for a fantastic ride with ToonMe. The software explores numerous cartoon animations and provides a plethora of filter options. The filters range from the standard cartoon portrait filters to those that may blur or modify the background to enhance your appearance.

Not to mention, the AI in this software is capable of converting images into realistic cartoon portions. Custom stickers and gifs are also available to enable you create cartoon representations of oneself riding a bike, muscling up, or even as a superhero.

The program, however, does not allow you to edit photos with more than one person. So you can’t change the background of a group photo. To get around this, edit the photographs individually and make a composite with a collage-making program. Isn’t it a lot of work?

Furthermore, this software keeps up with current trends in order to discover a cartoon filter to which you may relate. So it’s worth a shot!