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Smart News App for Android Our perception of news has changed as a result of the Internet. We are now free to browse the waves of the Web to locate the news that matters most to us, rather than letting a TV producer or newspaper editor decide what is essential to us and then purchasing into their product. There are many websites that provide news, and it can be challenging to keep track of them all.

Smart News App for Android
Smart News App for Android

We’ll discuss the top news applications for Android in this list in order to keep you informed, organized, and able to locate the news you need. This has a challenging component. Several news organizations have distorted information in order to advance their political agenda. As a result, we do not suggest specific news outlets like CNN, Fox News, or other comparable entities. Crowdsourcing is your greatest option for factually correct information. The top news applications for Android are listed below.

Google’s official app deserves honorable mention as well (Google Play). The explore feed keeps track of the content you enjoy and gradually adjusts over time to suit your tastes. It is free, quick, and simple. A comparable feed is also available in the mobile version of Google Chrome.

Best Smart News App for Android

1. AP News

An adequate news app for Android is AP News. It draws its news from hundreds of local and international sources in addition to itself. You may get news on a range of subjects, such as sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and more, and the UI is functional and tidy. Even though it’s not the best for politics, it still outperforms most. With advertisements, the program is completely free. The advertisements are a little grating, but it’s nothing major. Download on Google Play !

2. Feedly

One of the most Smart News App for Android is called Feedly. It is a reader for RSS. So, you have access to a wide range of websites and resources. The idea is to create your own network of reliable news sources. It has integrations with Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, Facebook, IFTTT, LinkedIn, and more. Also, you can use their website to access your stream on a computer or mobile device. With a total of more than 40 million feeds, it’s a rock-solid choice. The advertising is the only drawback. Unless you pay the monthly fee, it’s a little heavy. Download on Google Play !

3. Flipboard

Another of the more well-known news apps is Flipboard. It functions similarly to Feedly. Your preferred websites, news sources, and other locations can be combined to create a personalised feed. Flipboard is a little flashier than Feedly, which makes a difference. It has entertaining animations, big photos, and a user interface that makes it look like a digital magazine. Additionally, it provides features for other functions like discovery. The recommended news section of the website is hot crap, but everything else is generally good. If that’s any assistance, it’s also totally free. Download on Google Play !

4. Inoreader

One of the newest news apps is inoreader. It functions similarly to Feedly. You are provided with a newsreader that you can personalize. For individuals who don’t want to go around and find their own sources, it provides 28 pre-made subjects. The program has decent topic choices, offline functionality, and it keeps track of your reading habits. It lacks the depth of a service like Feedly. For those who don’t want to spend as much time setting up their stream, it’s a good substitute. It can be used for nothing at all. Download on Google Play !

5. Microsoft News

A surprisingly good news aggregator on Android is Microsoft News. Yet it functions normally. You start the app, choose the topics you’re interested in, and get a news feed handpicked by Microsoft staff. For cross-platform support, the service automatically synchronizes between the web and the app. Also, you get a dark theme, the option to bookmark stories, and a nice balance of left- and right-leaning political news websites. If you want to read the news, there is a ton of material here. Download on Google Play !