7 Best Android Keyboards for Smartphone

Best Android Keyboards – Many individuals find the default keyboard on their devices to be adequate. Typically, the keyboard is either the default Android keyboard or an OEM keyboard like Samsung, LG, etc. Yet, you have further possibilities. There are a range of third-party keyboard apps with diverse functionality available for Android.┬áSome emphasize enjoyment and personalization. Others concentrate on typing skills. Some even engage in both activities. Microsoft’s SwiftKey and Google’s Gboard currently dominate the market, and the majority of people use one of them. There used to be many more enjoyable possibilities, but these days there are less.

Best Android Keyboards for Smartphone
Best Android Keyboards for Smartphone

Best Android Keyboards 2023

1. 1C Big Keyboard

1C Large Keyboard is a somewhat unique product. It is a keyboard designed with a larger size and text for older individuals and anyone who may have vision issues. It utilizes the majority of the screen by default, but you can swipe up to give the keyboard full screen access if necessary. Other features include larger keys to reduce typos as well as customizing possibilities. On occasion, it can be a touch sluggish, and we would prefer if it were optimized more, at least for low-end devices. Other from that, it is a good option for the elderly. Download on Google Play.

2. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard seen some ups and downs, but it appears to have stabilized somewhat. It was formerly one of the most popular Android keyboards, however after new ownership it fell out of favor. The app’s responsiveness has improved over the past few years (at least on our testing phones) and it still includes Material You-style theming that changes color according on the app you’re using. In addition, GIF search, emoji support, and motion typing are included. There are a few issues with word correction and gesture typing, and the cost of the themes can become prohibitive. Although it is the eleventh item on our list, it is nonetheless acceptable for use. Download on Google Play.

3. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard emphasizes the customizing aspect of keyboards slightly more than pure utility. It does a decent job at it as well. The application supports 5,000 emojis, emoticons, and stickers. GIFs are supported as well. Other features include 1,500 themes, 50 fonts, and a gaming mode for certain mobile apps. Regarding typing, power users may be dissatisfied. It has the fundamentals, and its functionality is adequate. It is simply inferior to Gboard and SwiftKey in many aspects. Download on Google Play.

4. Fleksy

Fleksy is among the most widely used Android keyboards. It includes swipe and motion controls, web search, GIF and meme support, themes, and extensions, among other things. Free themes are available. Yet, a few of them are also expensive. Thankfully, they were reasonably priced. Pinterest acquired the business and its developers. However, another startup recommenced app development. The keyboard is completely free, and the majority of in-app purchases consist of themes. Download on Google Play.

5. Gboard

Gboard is the official Google stock keyboard. Several standard features are included, including auto-correction, multilingual typing, and numerous customization options. Its claim to fame is, however, that Google Search is integrated. This allows you to run searches without leaving the keyboard. Google Translate, GIF search, and voice typing are also available. Google frequently updates this keyboard with new features. Hence, it is no longer as simple and minimal as it once was. Yet, it is still passable. Download on Google Play.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is among the most recent Android keyboards. As a Chrome addon, it first corrected your grammar as you typed. The Android keyboard strives to accomplish the same goal. It examines your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Although it is more recent, it is still very much under development. We anticipate future releases to contain additional features. In the meanwhile, you still receive a very clean-looking keyboard that helps correct linguistic errors. Also, we appreciate that it outlines your corrections so that you can learn from them. We wish the creators will solve the app’s typing errors, as some of them have existed for quite some time. Otherwise, the software is free and useful when it functions well. Download on Google Play.

7. Microsoft SwiftKey

SwiftKey is unquestionably one of the best Android keyboards ever created. It features superior prediction and auto-correction, as well as motion typing, cloud synchronization so that all of your devices are always up-to-date, themes, keyboard customisation, a number row, and more. Also, it offers above-average language support, supporting over 100 languages. The keyboard and all of its functionality are free, but the majority of themes need payment. Microsoft acquired the keyboard a few of years ago, but it continues to function normally. The application is also entirely free. Download on Google Play.